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How to Choose a Casket

When a loved one dies, there are many decisions that must be made within just a few days. The final resting place must be determined, and details about the service must be provided. If your loved one is having a traditional burial, you may find yourself in the position of choosing a casket.

Choosing a casket may end up being more complicated than you might think.

  • Should you choose wood or metal? Wooden caskets are available in many different options, and if you decide you want to go for wood, your choice is largely determined by your aesthetic sensibilities. While some people prefer a light, soft wood like pine or aspen, others prefer the look of a rich, dark hardwood like rosewood. Metal caskets, too, come in a wide range of options. Steel caskets are the most common, though many people choose stainless steel because it's less prone to corrosion. For those with expensive tastes, the choice might be gold, bronze or copper.
  • It might not seem obvious, but there are religious aspects to consider when choosing a casket. Jewish people, for instance, are typically buried in wooden caskets, which are more biodegradable than metal. Some caskets have religious symbols engraved on them.
  • Some people require oversized caskets. There are child and adult sized caskets, but if you're purchasing a casket for someone who is tall or heavy, you may need to look into an oversized casket.
  • Even if you've chosen cremation, you may still need to choose a casket. You will need a casket if you're having a viewing or funeral service before the cremation, and you can also choose a casket for the cremation itself. It is possible, however, to choose a different type of cremation container if you're not having a service ahead of time.
  • Sometimes families choose rental caskets. This might be a good option for you if you plan to have a cremation but wish to have a funeral service or visitation before that happens.

Does this seem like a lot of decisions to make? The best time to make them is before a death occurs. When you plan, you get to decide on details like your casket, instead of leaving your family to guess what you would have preferred. Another benefit of preplanning is that it saves your family money because you can lock in today's prices for tomorrow's need.

At Memorial Park Funeral Home, Crematory and Cemetery, we are experts at helping people preplan for their funerals. With many years of experience, our compassionate, caring staff has the knowledge and sensitivity to make preplanning easy. Call us at (727) 369-8228 for more information.