We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

Ms Katherine Sullivan is so kind, knowledgeable, and helpful, in continuing to assist with our families' future needs and plans as well as arranging for the modernization and upkeep of relatives' graves and memorials which have been at the cemetery for many years. , Katherine, thank you, John

John Tuthill April 28, 2020

The unexpecting passing of an especially kind and loving family member is heartbreaking. It was decided that Memorial Park Funeral Home would handle arrangements for our loved one. We were met at the door by a former colleague who directed us to Melanie Bowen and Greg Ferguson who treated us with great compassion. Melanie and Greg created an atmosphere that helped, and continues to help us through this very difficult time. We had questions, as would be expected. Melanie and Greg were available, at a moment's notice to answer questions and provide the services that led to an elegant celebration of our loved one's life. Word cannot express our gratitude; indeed, a mere thank you, though heartfelt, seems inadequate. That noted, thank you to the entire Memorial Park Staff. You were wonderful when you were most needed.

George Fitzgerald November 14, 2019

I want to express my thanks to Jeremy Golden. Anytime I have asked to speak with him - he always has a smile on his face and he is willing to listen and help you in any way possible. I purchased a plan with the Funeral Home for a tree to be put on our plots. The tree died and when I went in to see what can be done - Jeremy helped me have another one planted. Jeremy also helped my brother-in-law make arrangements for his mother and to have his father moved from another cemetery to Memorial Park. Any time I have gone into Memorial Park - all the employees have been willing to assist me with a smile on their face. Stacy also helped me with the last tree that died. Stacy understood my problem and explained to me that they no longer have that program and that I would receive a refund of the original amount that I spent for the tree. My sister, myself and my husband will be cremated and put in the bench that we purchased next to our mother.

Linda Safarik October 20, 2019

My family and I want to thank Ryan Cochran for his help and great kindness. My grandparents are buried in the cemetery, but I was having a terrible time locating them. They passed way back in 1964 and 1983. When I called, Ryan not only gave me the locations, but he offered to walk out there, take pictures, and send them to me -- you see I live in Seattle, so there was no way I could take the pictures myself. I have since shared them with my brother and sister. We all grew up in Fort Myers, but our dad was from St. Pete. We have many many happy memories of visiting our grandparents in St. Pete, and it is a great joy to us to have found them and have these pictures. Thank you, Ryan -- you were so kind and it meant so much to us.

ROBERT A GILBERT September 10, 2019

My husband and I would like to thank Rosie for her kindness, support and professionalism at this sensitive time with many of our funeral needs and for answering all of our questions in a timely manner. We are confident that all of our preplanning needs will be completed as promised.

Janice M. August 07, 2019

My stepdad died in June of 2015, my mother sadly, in January 2016. They had pre-planned arrangements thru Memorial Park Funeral Home & Woodlawn Memory Gardens for internment. At Memorial Park, Rachel Troutt, Eric Cahill, Melanie Rodrigues, Scarlett Vita & the entire staff did everything possible to make these two services a bright spot in otherwise sad times. Our family wishes to thank all for their generous support. At Woodlawn Memory Gardens, we would also like to thank Tammy Taylor, the office staff & caretakers for their personal support & service arrangements. To all you were Simply Outstanding, E.P, W.P & the entire family.


Rachel, On behalf of the Held family members & friends in attendance, we wish to thank your entire staff for their kindness & individual care. In addition, we would also like to extend an extra thank you to the reception room staff, the front desk personnel, Eric & yourself for insuring a great farewell service for F. It could not have gone off any better. Again, we wish to thank you all, Mom, E, W & T

E, W, T & Mom

Thank you for assigning Jeff Warner to assist with our family's needs related to creating a beautiful final resting place for my husband, George Watson and establishing a lovely estate at Memorial Park Cemetery for our family's future needs. Jeff patiently and respectfully listened to my thoughts and questions. Aware of unending demands on my time and sensitive to my need for space, efficiency and privacy, Jeff invited me to Chuck's information seminar, explained options, patiently provided opportunities for learning and timely follow-up. Insight gained through this precious experience helped me navigate recent months with dignity, and will continue to serve our family through generations. I will always be grateful for Jeff's assistance and your company's support. Sincerely, H.W


I like to thank you all for helping make my Mother's funeral an unforgettable day. The day was flawless thanks to the services your staff provided. Your staff was so accommodating, with arranging all the flowers, food, drinks, seating and there were a ton of flowers, food and guests. Your staff treated our family with so much respect and let us do our own thing, we were amazed. Thank you so much.

Carri ann Czarnecki February 09, 2020

I would like to thank Rosie for all her help and compassion. She is a just a joy at such a time where it is hard to find any joy in your life before and after a loved ones passing. I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful a human being she is. Rosie goes above and beyond just doing her job her heart is bigger then all of the seas combined. I would and have recommended her to friends and relatives. If it were not for her I’m not sure I would have made it through this process. Thank you to all at Memorial Park and most of all to Rosie your the best.

Cheryl Dehmel October 29, 2019

I would like to thank Jeremy Golden for researching the previous arrangements that had been made for the burial my mother, which I was unaware of. This provided options and an unexpected reduction in costs. Rain was forecast for the day of the services. Staff had prepared the site early to ensure the service could proceed on time. Thanks to Jeremy and staff, we were able to bury my Mother's remains without any distractions.

Bill Scott September 16, 2019

Our family would like to thank everyone at Memorial Park Funeral Home for the extraordinary service they provided to our family after the loss of our beloved mother Valerie. I want to thank your staff who came to my mother's bedside at Suncoast Hospice to assist my family in planning the funeral to Katherine, our Family Service Advisor, who made sure the funeral service was performed seamlessly and with such attention to detail. I want to thank the staff who so beautifully placed my mother's flower arrangements in such an elegant manner and who went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed before the service began. After the service ended, they made sure everything was packed up ready for us to pick up the next day. I must say, I was overwhelmed by the professionalism and dedication to service displayed by Memorial Park staff. You made this most difficult day much easier and allowed our family to say goodbye with dignity. Regards, Lisa Tomicich

Lisa Tomicich August 19, 2019

Hi Melanie, I just wanted to thank Memorial Park Funeral home along with all its staff members including you, Kristen and Rachel for providing exemplary service to my family and I during this sad time. My experience was wonderful from beginning to end with Memorial Park and I am sure my family appreciates the level of service you have provided. Once again, Thank you very much for your service! Sincerely,

Kimchi N. July 18, 2016

I never thought I'd be writing a review of a funeral home, but I want people to know about my experience.My parents were kind and smart enough to make advance arrangements with Memorial Park many years ago. Even in that situation, planning for a funeral is a difficult and emotional task. The folks at Memorial Park understand this and were a total blessing to us.When my mother passed away, I called around 5:30 on a Friday, thinking no one would be there and that I'd have to try again on Monday. I left a message and, within a few minutes, Eric returned my call. He was kind, professional and compassionate. He took some information about my mom and let me know that her body was in their care. They use that word a lot - care - and it's appropriate, because I and my family received the best of care from them from start to finish.We provided preliminary information to Eric and made an appointment for Saturday to come in, sign papers, and make decisions and arrangements When you walk into the office at Memorial Park, you will always be greeted by someone who is very professional and courteous. They will offer you water, snacks and a comfortable seat before showing you to a consultation room. Melanie and Kristen were our primary points of contact, but over the course of weeks, I worked with many people, and they were all absolutely fantastic.Melanie was our funeral director, so she helped us take care of arrangements for mom's cremation (paperwork, etc), getting death certificates, and helping us arrange the memorial service. She was responsive (even returning emails on her days off) and delightful to work with. My mom wasn't affiliated with a church, so we used the facilities at Memorial Park for her service and a reception. The facilities are beautiful. When I arrived on the day of mom's service (we brought our own food in for the reception, but you can have caterers deliver food and drink as well), the chapel was already set up. Flowers had been placed, a guestbook and prayer cards were there. Georgia Devero set up/break down the reception room, and she was a blessing, attending to every detail. Rachel Troutt was the funeral director who was on duty when we had mom's service, and she was amazing as well. Attentive to every need, on top of every minor detail. Two older gentlemen - Roger and Fred - were also there to assist and did a fantastic job attending to anything and everything we needed plus acting basically as ushers for the service.The facility has audio/visual capabilities, and we developed a DVD with a slide show of pictures coordinated with music. Rachel did a great job executing on that portion of the service, queueing up everything perfectly. We had also set up photos and albums of mom in the back of the chapel for people to look at as they came in and left. While we were receiving attendees in the reception room, Roger and Fred took everything down and packed it carefully away for us in bags to help make it easier for us to take everything home when we left. They even helped move the flowers from the service over to my parents' niche after the service, carrying a big wreath of flowers on a brutally hot August day.When my mother's remains were ready, we scheduled an internment service to place them in the niche my parents bought, where my dad's ashes were already laid to rest. Again, Kristin and Rachel were on-hand to help. It was raining cats and dogs, and when we got there, they had everything set up in a place outdoors where we could say a few words and not get wet. They even had a cooler of bottled water for us. After the ceremony, we needed to take the ashes over to the niche, and it was still storming outside. Rather than have us all get wet, Rachel and Kristen walked back to the funeral home and brought back umbrellas for everyone so we could walk to the niche without getting wet. I could go on and on about these folks. Every single person we came in contact with was absolutely professional, helpful and compassionate. I can't imagine that their jobs are easy but they do a great job. They are also very tightly integrated. Each person has a different function and sometimes they cover for each other, but they never once dropped the ball. I must also mention is that funeral homes sometimes have a reputation for trying to sell you things you don't need/want and trying to take advantage of you during an emotionally vulnerable time. At no time did that happen with Memorial Park. While we had plans in advance, they still could have upsold us on things but never did. They laid out options, let us make choices and answered questions helpfully and honestly, even giving us tips to save on the few costs not covered by my parents' plans.They made the worst experience of my life bearable, helped me when I needed it, and gave me things I didn't know I needed to make it easier. I consider them a true blessing. Thank you, Memorial Park and bless you all!


I wanted to thank Rachel Trout,she recently assisted me with my moms cremation it was quick & Rachel made it painless! Thank you P.G


On Saturday we visited Memorial Park in St. Petersburg. While looking for my husband's brother's plot we were approached by two groundskeepers, Harmon Farley and Bob Lieber. They stopped when they saw us walking about with our heads down. They asked if they could help and immediately called to get the location of the plot we were searching for. They then cleaned the area around the marker and even sprayed the brass to clean it. With caring people like Harmon and Bob we have a level of comfort in having choosen Memorial Park in St. Petersburg for our burial needs.