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New Private Funeral Suite for Families

Our new private funeral suite provides families with a new level of comfort, convenience, and privacy.

Memorial Park Funeral Home is pleased to announce the addition of a funeral suite to their location. The funeral suite is separated from the main public areas of the funeral home and provides families with a degree of seclusion and privacy.

At Memorial Park we know how hard it is experiencing the loss of a loved one. The funeral suite is designed to be a warm and welcoming space where grieving families can find comfort and solace during the funeral process.

Our suite is equipped with various amenities to meet the needs of the bereaved, including comfortable seating, a designated area for viewing the loved one, allowing family and friends to pay their final respects. As well as a small kitchenette, or reception area where refreshments can be served, offering comfort to visitors during their stay.

These private settings offer a warm and inviting environment for mourning, reflection, and paying tribute, making it easier for grieving families to navigate the funeral process while receiving emotional support and comfort.

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