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Top Ten Reasons to Trust Memorial Park

Memorial Park opened the most modern, state of the art crematory in the St. Petersburg/Greater Tampa Area in December 2019.  Operating our own on site crematory brings our client families Peace of Mind. 

Families who trust Memorial Park know that the same professionalism they experience in our funeral home carries over to our crematory.  Here are some of the features that make our crematory operations different from others in the area:

1.    Our promise of professionalism and dignity for you and your loved one is sacred, and nothing less will ever be acceptable to the Memorial Park Team.

2.    On Site Cremation – Unlike many cremation providers, our team does not use a third party.  Once your loved one is in our care, they remain in our care until the process is complete.

3.    Our cremation facility is not located in a garage space.  Our cremation facility is located inside our funeral home in an impeccably clean, air conditioned office type environment.

4.    We offer a comfortable waiting/witness area (totally optional and not required) for those who wish to honor certain faiths, cultural traditions, or simply want to remain close to their loved one during the cremation.  This option is not for every family but knowing this is an option should bring you comfort and is available when requested.

5.    We offer the option of a private viewing at no additional fee.

6.    Our facilities are monitored and secured.

7.    We employ a rigorous multi-step identification that includes multiple trained staff members caring for your loved one.

8.    We welcome and encourage tours of our cremation facility.

9.    Our flexible staff has the freedom to offer choices and options other firms cannot.

10. Peace of Mind - One of our key objectives that guided this addition to our business was to provide you Peace of Mind and ensure that we have complete control of the cremation process.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact one of our professional Advisors or Funeral Directors and we will be honored to assist you.